Activated 2 Part Ceramic Coating

Activated 2 Part Ceramic Coating

A scientifically advanced nanotechnology developed ceramic coating that differentiates itself from all other coatings on the market today. This is an “Activated” coating which consists of a Part A and Part B mixed at a 1:1 ratio.

Once mixed, this product becomes “activated” and acts like no other coating on the market as it produces a molecular bond to the surface it is applied to. It is completely clear and will not turn yellow after weeks of application. All other coatings sit on “top” of the surface.

This again truly bonds to the metal or painted surface. The only way to remove this coating is via mechanical action using rubbing compound. Heat will not have any negative effects, even from exhaust.

This product will work on Aircraft, Automobiles and Boats. It can be applied to both painted surfaces or bare metal or even plastics. It works on both gloss and matte finishes.